What CSR is and to whom it is addressed
The training in communication of scientific research (CSR) is an interdisciplinary postgraduate offering dedicated to professionals of science: people who make research within the international academic community, in public or private research institutes. This teaching program does not depend on the field of study, as it is not focused on the content of research, but on the tools necessary to communicate it.
The CSR teaching program is addressed to young researchers (PhD students and post-doctoral fellows) of different fields in the natural, social, and human sciences.
What CSR is not
It is neither a teaching program focused on communication of science for the general public, nor a training in scientific writing or public speaking.
Aim of the CSR training

The CSR education is dedicated to written and oral communication of research for and among scientists. It aims to provide theoretical and practical instructions on why and for whom to communicate one’s own research within the international academic community, in addition to how.