Latest update: February 2018

What is communication of scientific research?

It is neither science communication, nor communication of science or in science; those are about communication of science among people, public and media. All of those terms focalise the attention on the explanation of scientific matters to people who do not have a scientific background.
Coomunication of scientific research is about the professionals of science (young scientists, like PhD students and postdoctoral fellows); people who do know the matter.

What is the target?

Communication of scientific research regards a specific target of people spending a lot of time doing bench research but perhaps not much time communicating research. This is common in several countries, like Italy, where the oral and written communication of research is not perceived as something fundamental to teach to the future generations of researchers.

Why this website could be useful?

I earned my PhD in Italy, at the University of Milan, in 1999; then I left the research laboratory to study science communication. In 2003 I have started to teach communication through meetings and courses directed to trainees at scientific faculties of Italian universities. Every time students and professors confirmed the need for a more formal education on communication among scientists.
This website and the contents I am publishing are an attempt to start filling this gap. It is a challenge for scientific disciplines, where so much research is made, with so little communication.

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