I have published an handbook of communication of scientific research. It has been written in Italian (1st ed. 2008; 2nd ed. 2013) and Spanish languages (Ed. Uni-Service, Trento, Italy). It is a 100 pages handbook for professionals of science: young scientists, like PhD students and postdoctoral fellows. It is thought as a tool to understand how better communicate their research, written and oral. In particular: a scientific paper, a poster, PhD thesis and a scientific presentation.

Browsing the wealth of educational material for scientific communication available on line form, I noticed how countries like United Kingdom, The Netherlands, and USA focus on giving more practical tools for communication to their graduate students. While I think the quantity and the quality of the material available is excellent, I believe that an introduction to the theory of communication, even a short one, would greatly help to understand why it is important to communicate and to whom before how to communicate. This represents a fundamental gap between communication and science, sometimes making they seem two opposite worlds. As I belong to both of them, I have thought to introduce shortly main topics of theory of communication applied to communication of scientific research.
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